A Review in Italiano

Italy’s Aristocrazia Webzine has been documenting Fen’s progress since 2010, beginning with Trails Out Of Gloom. The publication also weighed in on Fen’s 2012 release, Of Losing Interest. Today Aristocrazia Webzine published a review of Slug Comparison’s self-titled debut album. Written in Italian, the review can be translated for English speakers using one of the online translators searchable on Google. Oh yeah, there’s an interview from a few years back as well.

Slug Comparison Releases First Song: Bringer Of Doom

Long lost friends, family and stray followers of Fen,

After 15 years with Fen, I’ve started a solo project called Slug Comparison. The need for the project came up a couple years ago when the band was writing Of Losing Interest. I would go home after jamming and I’d still have more ideas to get out and more energy to keep going, so I started piecing together songs on my computer, doing everything myself. “Bringer of Doom” is the first of those songs, and a few months ago I was lucky enough to meet Peter Wiholm, a Swedish director who heard the song and insisted he make a video for it.
The video is Peter’s vision. It took a lot of planning and location scouting, and a lot of help from friends, family and two inspired actors to bring the story to life. It took some covert filming in the alleys behind Gastown where we had a couple of run-ins with security guards. It took an evening sweating with our instruments at Sanctuary Rehearsal studios. It took an afternoon with 4-5 people crammed in a bathroom with cans of tomato juice and fake blood, praying we didn’t stain my friend’s lily white tub. And it took Peter an undeclared number of hours to edit all the footage together.
Thanks to everyone who helped out I’m able to share this with you.

There’s more to come this year from Slug Comparison, and more to come from Fen in the future. Thanks for watching, and please spread the video around if you like it!