The RingMaster Review’s Radio Show

This week Slug Comparison is one of the featured artists on The RingMaster Review’s radio show. It will broadcast on Reputation Radio. Listen here at the following times: every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 04:00 GMT – 23:00 EST – 20:00 PST
22:00 GMT – 17:00 EST – 14:00 PST.

And if you missed The RingMaster Review’s Slug Comparison album review, find it here.

First Slug Comparison Review in German

Today Slug Comparison was featured on the German website, Living Music Blog. Writer Cristina Somcutean describes the album as “a mixture of prog rock, alternative, synthetic sounds, gothic, and gloom.” Yup, that sounds about right. If you don’t speak German, the review can be twisted into your mother tongue using Google translate, which is always a bit of fun.



A Review in Italiano

Italy’s Aristocrazia Webzine has been documenting Fen’s progress since 2010, beginning with Trails Out Of Gloom. The publication also weighed in on Fen’s 2012 release, Of Losing Interest. Today Aristocrazia Webzine published a review of Slug Comparison’s self-titled debut album. Written in Italian, the review can be translated for English speakers using one of the online translators searchable on Google. Oh yeah, there’s an interview from a few years back as well.