Long Live the Night

long live the night, a drone flies over the crumbling homes of the guilty ones
let’em sleep through the fire, melting, children beside them can’t be revived
and the neighbours scrub death from their hands, just another few grains of sand

long live the night, headlights patrol an abandoned road to a makeshift bomb, 3 2 1
soldiers crawl from the blast and rise up in search of the twists of steel
that have ripped through the uniform and ripped through life’s plans
nearby, a shadow touches forehead to sand, the enemy prays

pistol cocked, chains unlocked, the mouth beneath this hood will talk
at midnight, the interrogator screams for a medic on the scene
any witnesses are told it was but a dream

long live the night, a worm cries over the stone-grey fields where death has been done, let them come
figures walk in a line, slowly, they bear on their shoulders the ones who have passed to another world where they’ll be damned again
long live the night, folded flags lie in the grief-stricken hands of the families watching their sacrifices buried in the ground
for a nation, for a nation leading the way

believe in this new plan and soon the war will end
no god but one can see this path to victory

a checkpoint massacre, the gunmen fled
a market suicide and countless dead
the fledgling government has lost its hold

we have got to save the region from itself
the tribes don’t know the value of our help
the bleeding hearts would have us leave today
but change won’t happen unless we stay

mercenaries fight the battle by our side
technology advances in the sky
the weapons dealers always meet demand
we’re the greatest power, we can shape this land

long live the night
long live the night
long live the night
long live the night