Common Room

common room, I am in love with your sound
in the evening I come when no one else can hear
and sitting down in the corner I am moved, I am held in place
now and then I look around in the quiet
if a creature makes a run, I will spy it
if the PNE bear takes a tumble
and spills out some white foam kernels
I could spend the whole night here listening
to murmurs of pain

common room, I am in love with your sound
who could have known these dimensions would arouse such loyalty from me
I am known in the building as the creep always here at night
I shiver when your walls form a choir
standing off on some plateau, they inspire
I look up at the ceiling above me
where a blister’s been growing
where the moisture collects from somewhere
and falls past my eyes, falls past my eyes

(words by Doug Harrison)