FREE bonus song: Beautiful Home

It’s a first that I held back a song from inclusion on an album. But with “When You Were Living Here” I already had enough slow songs and I worried this last one would turn the album to listening drudgery. Also, it’s a weird song, which will likely be no one’s favourite. Still, it deserves to exist. So here it is for free download: “Beautiful Home.” It takes me back to my landscaping days when I got to rake leaves and weed the gardens in the shady, almost monastic backyards of Vancouver’s rich.

The song includes Rod Senft on drums and Scott Young on bass. It was recorded with Scott Young at Alchemy Sound Studios in New Westminster, and mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound.

If you haven’t bought the album yet…

In Europe:
In North America:


And did you know there’s a previous album? Slug Comparison’s debut.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported the music to date! The response has been overwhelmingly good. Here are some of the highlights:

“Album of the week” –The Georgia Straight

“a masterpiece of an album- heart-wrenching, taut, lyrically superior” –Progressive Rock Fanatics

“one of the world’s most magnetic and rousing songwriters” –The Ringmaster Reviews

“a fabulous songwriter with the ability to sing any type of song with a stunning passion and emotion.” –Your Music Blog

“5 Stars out of 5” –Prog Critique

Now that I’ve spilled the last of my secret song treasures, I’ll be quiet for a while as I get to work on the next album.


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