FREE bonus song: Beautiful Home

It’s a first that I held back a song from inclusion on an album. But with “When You Were Living Here” I already had enough slow songs and I worried this last one would turn the album to listening drudgery. Also, it’s a weird song, which will likely be no one’s favourite. Still, it deserves to exist. So here it is for free download: “Beautiful Home.” It takes me back to my landscaping days when I got to rake leaves and weed the gardens in the shady, almost monastic backyards of Vancouver’s rich.

The song includes Rod Senft on drums and Scott Young on bass. It was recorded with Scott Young at Alchemy Sound Studios in New Westminster, and mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound.

If you haven’t bought the album yet…

In Europe:
In North America:


And did you know there’s a previous album? Slug Comparison’s debut.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported the music to date! The response has been overwhelmingly good. Here are some of the highlights:

“Album of the week” –The Georgia Straight

“a masterpiece of an album- heart-wrenching, taut, lyrically superior” –Progressive Rock Fanatics

“one of the world’s most magnetic and rousing songwriters” –The Ringmaster Reviews

“a fabulous songwriter with the ability to sing any type of song with a stunning passion and emotion.” –Your Music Blog

“5 Stars out of 5” –Prog Critique

Now that I’ve spilled the last of my secret song treasures, I’ll be quiet for a while as I get to work on the next album.


Album Release Day!

Hello everyone,

Today is release day for Slug Comparison – When You Were Living Here. I can’t believe I finally get to write that!

Starting in May 2017, I was recording and releasing the songs a few at a time, as EPs. Then a record label from The Netherlands, Rock Company, came along and wanted to put the songs out as an album. So it has been done: all four EPs (IIa, IIb, IIc, and IId), plus two brand new songs are available on CD and as a download.

Already the album has earned a five star review from Progressive Rock Fanatics, describing it as “a masterpiece of an album- heart-wrenching, taut, lyrically superior,” and The Georgia Straight has named it Album of the Week.

In Europe, order from here:
In North America, order from here:


Slug Comparison is my solo project, but I’m indebted to a lot of people who helped with the album. Here’s a list. You might know a few of them:

Mike Young (Devin Townsend, Mother Mother)
Dave Young (Devin Townsend)
Sam Levin (Fen)
Randall Stoll (KD Lang, Tom Cochrane)
Jeff Caron (Fen)
Nando Polesel (Fen)
Doug Fury (Bif Naked)
Matt McCallum
Jamie Sitar
Scott Young
Eric Rose
Rod Senft
Jeremy Tardif (The Engine Jeremy)
Tatyana Dobrowolski (Tatters and Ravens)
Scott Archibald (Id)
Jason Froese
C.A. Beckston
Rob Clark
Bonnie and Shauna
Peter Cox (Rock Company)
Peter Wiholm
(I hope I haven’t missed anyone)

If you bought or were given any of the previously released EPs, feel free to only download the songs you need to complete the album. There are two new tracks: “Fine With It” and “One More Step.” That said, the CD artwork is fantastic, and the booklet includes the full lyrics plus artwork by Sweden’s C.A. Beckston of Blekkmark Design Studio (Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul McCartney), so I believe it’s well worth buying a physical copy.

The songs “When You Were Living Here” and “Beings Far Away” are dedicated to the memory of Eric Rose—roommate, friend, and creative accomplice. The time I spent with him was a gift. I thank his family for permission to include his artwork on IIb and on the final album cover.

Thank you, everyone, for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. It definitely helps.


Album Release Date Announced!

It’s been a wait, but Slug Comparison’s second album, When You Where Living Here, will be available on January 16, 2019.

The album is available in digital formats through all major outlets. A CD version is available through the band’s label Rock Company and various retailers worldwide.
Distribution in EU by Rock Inc./Bertus.

CD pre-order starts January 1, 2019 on Rock Company and bandcamp.

In the meantime, enjoy this promo video for the album’s first single, Exactly What to Do.

Slug Comparison Signs with Netherlands-based label Rock Company

rock company logo

What a great feeling to share this news which has been brewing over the past few weeks. The gist is that my four EPs, Slug Comparison IIa, b, c, and d will be compiled and released on CD later this year with some new material added in. I thought I was going to take a break for the rest of the year–Not so!–I’ve now got studio time booked in August and preparations have begun for the new recordings.

Click here for the official press release, and to see what musical company Rock Company has put Slug Comparison in.

To stay abreast of the yet-to-be-determined release date, among other things, do your duty and Like our fbook page and Rock Company’s page and join their newsletter. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Slowness Explained

It’s time I explained my lack of updates about new music. Back in April, tendinitis started bugging my arms again, so I put the guitar aside. Unfortunately, without it I can’t work on the material I’d intended for the next Slug Comparison album. My plan is to wait as long as it takes for my tendinitis to become manageable again. That could be a while–I can say for sure there won’t be an album in 2016, despite what I’d promised earlier. Right now, all I can say is that I’ll get it done as soon as my body allows. In the meantime, thanks for checking in.



The Process – lyrics

In January I started writing lyrics for 19 new songs. On April 18 I fbooked that I was done the first drafts. For me, first drafts are not very far along in the process of finding the right words, but by then I have an idea of what each song is about. Since then I’ve been revising over and over (cycling alphabetically by title from song to song) until I’m either satisfied or feeling so helpless at fixing the problems that I move on. Today I’m relieved to announce that apart from a few lines that I’ll eventually go back to fix, I’m done the lyrics for what could be the next two (?) Slug Comparison albums.

As evidence of my process, which unfortunately is not a magic beam of inspirational light that enters the top of my head and refracts onto the page in the form of well-crafted song lyrics that happen to match the vocal melodies I’ve long ago committed to, I’m providing a jpg of a song in progress. Each song requires 5-20 of these marked up pages to reach a state of almost-doneness. That’s my process.


I’d be a jerk if I didn’t include an excerpt of a done-ish song. So here’s one:


in the boiling ocean people float up and die

you can hear the blisters going pop in the night

when the planet’s nothing but a morsel of char

see the moon drift in the darkness

kind of lonely, but alright with it


armageddon fantasies help me unwind

a little stress won’t matter at the end of time

let the secret service fear I’m hatching plans

yes I dwell on our extinction

but I’m harmless as a kitten most of the time


I get along with those around me

at my job they like me well

in the realm of normal conversation

certain thoughts I know not to tell

Guest Vocals for One Less Rock Star

My old roommate Kevin (circa Fen‘s first jam house) asked me to do guest vocals on track 3 of his solo EP. He made things really easy for me, recording scratch versions of all the parts himself–all I had to do was listen then sing them back. I love how the song takes its time to build. And the guitar lead over the last couple of minutes is so tonally rich, I can’t help but be reminded of David Gilmour. Have a listen to the song, and the rest of the EP.

Metal Imperium Reviews Slug Comparison

It’s a little pathetic, but sometimes when I’m at the end of my rope with music, I google Slug Comparison in search for even the tiniest hint from the universe that I should keep at it. Yesterday I did just that, having been submerged in the gruel of lyric-writing for the past two months. Lucky for my sagging ego, and for the songs I’ve only partially finished, I found this review from Metal Imperium. They give the album a 9.2/10 and call it “a pleasant surprise that pays off every minute” (translated from Portuguese).

So with that niblet of positivity, I’ll keep working.